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Traduced by Miljan Kontić   It was one Monday in the year 2010 when I had, for the first time, heard the word Vipassana. Buenos Aires, a misty night, and coincidently I met a Serbian girl sitting at a table on milonga night. We began chatting and laughing. Argentinean red wine got our cheeks red […]

Trip to Paraguay

And so it was one Thursday that Stripper and I left frantic Buenos Aires in a slightly battered Sofia and set off for Asuncion. Sofia, of course, is my trusted Toyota pickup truck. She has taken me a quarter of a million miles around South America and safely through life’s various crossroads, so I named […]


Hola… Right at the beginning, I would like to wish a warm welcome to all comrades and friends, like on the gathering of some left parties, on our new and libertarian blog. Epithet libertarian blog received because we wouldn’t insist on any specific theme, nor will be any other restrictions or limitations, so typewriters can […]