In new offer latinoffroad company provide only one type of trips and it is a spiritual journey. This decision are brought after seven years of conventional traveling that made ​​us abundance of brilliant memories, adventures, friendships, adventures and misadventures. Cruising on the roads of South America, we realized that it has much more to offer apart from taking photographs and enjoying food, scenery and local culture.

Passing repeatedly through some places, we have learned that from some points in South America emerges strong energy, which with good will, can be used to lift the awareness and for spiritual awakening.
Consequently, we decided to evolve along with our findings, which were definitely different from seven years ago, when we started traveling. Currently we have smoldering and irresistible desire to divide new knowledge with people who have also felt the need for changes in life, that do not relate to the material realm.
This is the main reason why we have redirected hedonistic traveling to a spiritual quest.

Trips that we currently offer are based on the idea of conscious conceptuality instead of conceptual conscious, which means,that during the trip its not going to be any religious preaching s and dogmas, but whole knowledge that passenger will gain is based on his/her free observations, assessments and feelings. Trips are also not organized in advance, so that there is no precise plan where we gonna sleep or eat, and after a few days,  total surrender to a flow will happen, and the road begins to lead us instead of we leading him.
Yes, the purpose of the trip is visiting the powerful energy points in South America, so we know destinations, such as the Bolivian jungle in Saint Cruz, La Paz, lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Nacka, Bariloche(Patagonia), El Calafate, El Chalten, Usuaia, but where we gonna sleep, eat, meditate, do picnics, practice yoga, we give to a moment, intuition and feelings.

All journey’s begins in Buenos Aires and ending in Lima (Peru) or Usuaia (Patagonia)
Ideal length of the trip is three weeks and the modification are possible depending on needs.