The Queen of Latin America’s Ceremonies – Ayahuasca

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Thanks to MariAna Sosic

As one of the pioneers from Serbia, I had my first ceremony 13 years ago in Amazonian jungle. ( It had such impact on me that I haven’t had the balls to repeat it for some seven years. ) Now, after my 15th ceremony, I feel a special call of duty to correct mistakes in approaching Ayahuasca and dispel fallacies and myths about this sacred plant.

So, Ayahuasca ceremony is a real ceremony, regardless of the number of participants, being done in group or one to one with the Shaman. Firstly the songs are sung , followed by whistling used by the Shaman to call in the army of elements and plants’ spirits he works with. After that comes drinking of an extremely disgusting tasting mixture (I feel like vomiting right now, just thinking about it) and than starts the talk with the Shaman. In about half an hour to forty minutes the first effects are starting to appear, the lights in the room get switched off and you get to dive into your self.

Two big mistakes that the Ceremony participants make are extremely great fear ( form unknown )and fantasised expectations from Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca ceremony has one most important role, and that is cleansing of sole and body. During the trance caused by the plant, you can really come to deep realisations and get self specific information, but all other images and visions, sounds, Angels, unicorns, dragons, devils, snakes,etc….are happening in the astral world in which with level of spiritually is even to nothing.

When you hear someone talking so passionately about Ayahuasca ceremony, you can immediately conclude the he or she is a true rookie in the whole thing/ story . Why? Well, because they talk about their own personal visions, that are only pure product of seeds planted in their minds by their parents, society, film they saw, books, newspapers, music….and nothing much else.

If you follow Islam, you will for sure envisage Allah, Islamic saints, there’ll be words of Sufi mystics or Muslim scholars. Christians on the other hand, talk with Archangel Gabriel, Holy Mother, Jesus and other Saints they believe in. The same goes for Buddhists and Jews. There are no two ways about this, what’s planted in your mind will only grow with presence of this sacred plant. So far, no Ceremony had a Muslim talking to Jesus or Christian with Buddha.

This is not reaching for the essence, it’s only rummaging through layers of relative knowledge.

Ayahuasca is a extraordinary medium, of course in the presence of a proper guide (Shaman), foremost for cleansing mind and body from all sorts of contamination. Devoted meditation practicians and spiritual followers could use their own mind to start self healing processes and that is pure quantum medicine. Ayahuasca can also take you for a cruise through the universe, past and future; it gets you to honestly talk to your self without “fooling around” option, as in higher states of mind there are no lying modes or anyone to lie to.

Ayahuasca consumers who got to be addressed by their names and surnames, are gone far off the route, as they are still played by their egos led by ideas about personalities. If during the Ceremony you don’t feel the oneness of the whole existence, your mind is still fulling you around. Bodily sensations, pleasant or unpleasant, come from the same source. So there is no doubt, here we have a subtle mind game, that went deeper from surface layers of cold/warm, up/down or black/white into choosing representatives through holy animal, personal Angel, ghosts or death ancestors…..

Regardless of how real or realistic the ceremony visions appear to be, they are only marionettes of the astral theatre and could be a great obstacles on the spiritual way. Holding on to those visions and giving them any importance takes you back to the spiritual kindergarten.
As already mentioned, during the ceremony there are the moments of receiving deep knowledge from a guru within. However, that information must be taken with cautious and by following the gut not the mind, because in ayahuasca trance the feeling of total happiness, entire fulfilment and love ( like with MDM or ecstasy ) has the power to take disturbing information for the guiding star.

The Shaman plays a crucial part during the ceremony. His job is to make and maintain safe and positive ambiance and that’s done by singing and whistling, using tobacco smoke. All the other attributes given to Shaman by ayahuasca consumers are plain projections of their own mind. Most of people, who had a quite good and hones shaman, tends to recommend him to others as the best one in the world, truly believing in that.

In my own experience, Vipassana meditation helped me enormously during the ceremonies, so I did not pay attention to theatrical marionettes of astral world. Everyone who went through 10 days Vipassana course learned that everything that ones appears has to eventually disappear. So, I focuses my attention towards the depths of my own being, ignoring the visions that tickle or scare me.

If going for the ceremony, you should utilise the powers of ayahuasca and try to reach the Source of everything, even Ayahuasca it self.
During one of my latest ceremonies while lying on the floor I got the instruction from Mother Ayahuasca to sit up straight, so I did, and as a mother to a child She told me: “My son, it’s time to start the journey on your own. You had enough of my help!”

Even the great maestro Miquel, who I have been working with for the last 5 years and who is, of course, the best in the world, admitted his plan to stop doing ceremonies for a year, because his mental sight gets active only during the trance and not while fully awake, which has no importance in the real spiritual world.

Ayahuasca is the most beautiful tool that can show to the seeker what is going on in the fields of mind. It can give realisations and information to follow in everyday life, cleanse mind and body from pollution, wrong ideas and heavy prejudice and believes. It’s not bad to have a round through the past and the future of humanity and the planet, but there is a risky catch to get hooked on own intelligence.

All the other visions, images, sounds, creatures are only illusion and should not be given any importance.

Summa summarum: Should you try Ayahuasca?
I met some guys to whom Aya gave more troubles than it helped, I know a huge number of those who got an immeasurable support in making important life changing decisions, and I know a million of them using it for spiritual tourism, that has to do with spiritually as much as visions of opiate drugs users do.

Aya can help tremendously, but the dance is danced on a slippery slope.
Hence, Aya should be your own choice and affinity.

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