Right at the beginning, I would like to wish a warm welcome to all comrades and friends, like on the gathering of some left parties, on our new and libertarian blog.

Epithet libertarian blog received because we wouldn’t insist on any specific theme, nor will be any other restrictions or limitations, so typewriters can freely write about everything that makes the Life.

The idea to form open classroom of Life, was originally aroused in raw-food commune in Paraguay, that possessed all necessary facilities and energies to meet such a plan. Sometimes ago, few enthusiasts and me, were planning to build the temple dedicated to clean living and pure Life, but like many times before, Life has taught us that ideas not so easily, descend into a reality. For some reason there was a short circuit among enthusiasts and construction of the Temple of stones and woods, never happened.

But now, year after the demolition of the temple that has never been built, I’m using this opportunity to poke the first letters into foundations of a new virtual temple, which we want to build on the internet field.

Temple of Life was conceived as an open classroom, in which we will invite professors, people who in our opinion, do have to tell interesting stories from they own life experiences, that would certainly brought benefits to the listeners.

No, in the Temple of Life we didn’t planed to invite successful lectures or widely recognized professionals, such as doctors, teachers, masters, or any other primaries, instead, we will invite a guest lecturers who have tasted life in their own particular way.

The idea was that the Teachers from different spheres of life, come to visit us in the Temple, in other words, the first to hold the class was a spiritual Teacher from Novi Sad, then a Peruvian shaman, then a bartender from London and the DJ from Asuncion, followed by the doctor from Belgrade. Then we thought to call former and current drug dealer, then we planned to receive cured drug addict, then former alcoholics, followed by girl who use to work like a prostitute. Then the lecture was supposed to be taught by psychologist from Buenos Aires, then next scheduled was the captain of a overseas ship, then we planned to call programmer from Toronto, then we had a promise from mathematician from Boston, and after him, we suppose to have a visit from a professional volleyball female player, followed by former kick-boxing champion. After him we were expecting a visit from a cheerful chef from Sarajevo, then a microbiologist from Australia, then we were thinking to invite housewife from Asuncion, and ravishing girl from Rio de Janeiro, and after her, we were expecting a famous football coach. Behind him we were planning to invite female tango dancer and female architect from Belgrade, then we were planning to call a strawberry seller from Holland, then we had a promise from beautiful female judge, and after her, we were planning to invite orphanage, who wash the windshield’s on the scoreboard in Asuncion, and only teachers who were required to hold lectures, were unbreakable mechanic from Subotica and immortal truck driver from Belgrade.

All of above mentioned Teachers were supposed to perform in the Temple, although some of them at first glance, doesn’t seems to have something intelligent to say…

…But really, that’s not the case!

The above-mentioned Teachers observe and experience the Life or That( name us you want) that we all live and look at it closely (even at this moment in front computer), but from they particular angle, and we choose them primarily, because they are distinct personalities that came up with a very interesting insights and knowledge of Life, but each in their own original way.

Every quality Teacher provide certain knowledge, however, some teachers clearly shows how the things should be done, and others, by they own actions, shows how the things should not be performed, but the learning process, whether we like to admit it or not, takes place all the time.

An important detail that binds all the aforementioned Teacher, is that we personally known each others. With some of them we use to be in contact, and with most of them we still keep contact, and most important of all, in several occasions we shared and cherished the beauty of the Life or That.

Anyway, notion to build the Temple of Life collapsed as an idea in invisible world made of thoughts, and now as I write, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t even know how to close financial structure about the arrival’s of the Masters of Life, if we managed to build the Temple in Paraguay.

Anyway, at this moment we only have to relocate the temple from Paraguay to the net, and therefore, I’m using this opportunity dear comrades and friends, members of this funny left party, to stick this memorandum like a cornerstone, into the foundation of the virtual Temple of Life. Luckily all the teachers that we mentioned before, promised that they will try to download they thoughts and teachings in to a form of letters and numbers.

That is precise reason why we named this blog

Our blog will be in three languages, and Teachers and Readers, from different corners of the World, will be able to read the textual Life experiences from distant Meridians. The texts will be translated by few enthusiasts, and therefore, we pledge all readers to be patient, and we also inform that translated texts may not be grammatically and stylistically correct, but we promise that we will try our best, to transfer the original content.



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