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Behind the food bounders, that we mentioned in the introduction text, there are no any religious or mystical concepts. It is only our conclusion which we gained after several years of experimenting with different diets. We especially want to outline the two months in a raw-food community in Paraguay, where we discovered benefits of fresh and organic diet.

Therefore we developed theory that the battery (physical body) which is the source of energy for soul and mind, has to be clean and healthy, when it reaches the energy source, in other words- ancient holy places in Latin America.
The most of high energy places in Latin America are found in the tropic of cancer ( Mexico, Guatemala, Yucatan) and on the trips that the latinoffroad agency provides, we are visiting two very special places: the lost city of Machu Picchu, which is the source of female energy for the planet, and the sacred lake Titicaca, where the island of Sun is located.

Because of the female principle that is literally bursting from Machu Picchu we are witnessing high circulation of gentle and maternal energy that can be felt in the whole South America. She is the reason why, on this continent, we can’t find any warfares, no country developing nuclear weapons, and luckily she is manifesting in notable beauty of Latin-American women’s, and its the energy powering so many females on high government positions.
Therefore, if the battery is to receive quality vibes of Yin energy, it has to be clean and healthy!
The second reason why we preach the raw vegetarian food along the trip, is very simple:
In Latin America we find so many very tasty, healthy and organic fruits, and different tastes of vegetables unknown in Europe, so it would be meaningless to consume processed food.
On the trips that we organize our guides take all necessary equipment ( mixers, juicers, strainers) to make tasty smoothies, juices and salads.
As we said in the introduction text, a half of the diet has to be based on raw-vegetarian food, and the second half is passenger’s free choice, and there are no obstacles or prohibitions for consuming famous Argentinean stakes, lama meat in Bolivia and Peru, or any other food of animal origin.
Have a nice meal!

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