The idea of coaching was encouraged by the accumulated knowledge of life, several years of spiritual practice with many teachers, among whom I have to point out  Mr. Zoran Gruicic, master of shamanism Miguel Murga from Peru and acupuncture specialist Dr.Jae Bum Shin from Asuncion.

Coaching is based on the work with energies.

The system is based on the program that consists of ten one-hour classes, and first two classes serve as an introduction and vibration exchange between the coach and the client.
After establishing the extent of energy disorder, we begin to work with energies, and the work is rooted in transcendental meditation. First of all we lower brain waves on delta frequency, and afterwards, we direct clear applications to God (Absolute, Emptiness, Self, Universe) and the healing begins.

The healing plan depends on diagnosis of energy disorder in the client, and then we decide what type of prayers we are going to use during the treatment:
-the one with visualization or
-directing attention to the particular organ that needs to be healed.
In majority of cases, at the beginning of the healing program, we have to do spiritual cleansing, and very often we do anti-stress treatment. Both techniques are based on meditation with mudras.
The price of one class is $30 US.

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