We are talking about going on the road with nice people who have hunger for real spiritual adventure,
without religious concepts, without any fixed schedule…something as free as an adventure itself: not fully organized. We will enjoy the nature, visiting very powerful energetic places along the way, stunning panoramas, sleeping under the night sky with falling stars in the middle of the mountains covered with unexplored jungle.

After seven years of traveling and a few hundred thousand kilometers on the Latin American roads, and four Dakar relies we’ve decided to redirect hedonistic style of traveling into the real spiritual search. We now wish to do something more holistic than mere satisfaction of bodily pleasures, and try to awake the sleeping beauty in all of us, the Self…

If you’re up for it, come on let’s go!!! Let’s make the most incredible trip together and that’s the search towards the Self that will ,after this journey, be visible in thousands of miraculous manifestations. Let’s dive into Latin America’s unique charm; from the driest deserts on the face of the Earth to complete mysteries that Latin America still keeps secret.

Latin America is so rich, seductive, magical, mysterious and filled with surprises that you cannot keep on the palm of your hand. It belongs to your clear heart filled with love. Make some time for this trip and let your biggest




El precio

1500 dollars per person per week plus expenses

One passenger whole truck costs 2500 dollars a week plus expenses