Ayahaska is an ancient brew a few thousand years old, and its used in shamanic ceremonies for out of body experience. In it’s structure ayahaska contains a huge amount of DMT molecule which is widely known as a spiritual molecule.
The molecule DMT can be found in every live form on this planet and in scientific communities it is also known as a universal particle for the communication.
DMT directly affects the work of the pineal gland, placed in the central part of the human brain, and in the huge doses produces hallucinations.
The old legend says that the ayahaska originates from the civilization of Atlántida, who genetically modified the plant, when realized that the they civilization is coming to an end. They were very advanced in three type of intelligence ( spiritual, emotional and rational) and they had a huge need to leave their knowledge behind, so they genetically modified ayahaska plant with the cognitions of they civilization.
The legend can not be verified or proved but we have to admit that is very original and mysterious.

The personal experience:
Since 2004 I have been in seven ayahaska ceremonies: I took the medicine (that’s the word that shamans use) on five occasions. On another two occasions I didn’t use it, because I was the translator between a shaman and a tourists who didn’t speak any Spanish. Therefore I have to admit that my life is divided in two parts: before and after ayahaska.
Before ayahaska ceremony I’ve read so many spiritual books, dozens of mystic texts, I was practicing transcendental meditations, and I had a few lucid dreams, but the ayahaska trip was the first deep travel to the other side of the unknown.
During the ceremony I experienced a passage into the fields where I was vividly aware of the illusion of the real world.
After the ceremony, when I found myself back in this reality, I tried to implement the knowledge from the other side into this realm. The first thing that I implemented in practice was to look at the life in less serious way, and I had an immediate response from the life; It began to treat me appreciably gently.
Other visions and messages that I received from that inner trip are inexplicable because they are far away from the power of words and human understanding.
Since my eighteenth birthday I was experimenting with all sorts of conventional drugs, and with full responsibility, I can say that ayahaska is not a drug and that doesn’t have addictive properties. Mater of fact, I was speaking with huge number of people that participated in ayahaska ceremonies and most of them, after two or three times, didn’t have any wish to repeat the experience.
On the wings of positive energy gained during the ceremony I began to advocatenayahaska and advised other’s to try it, and after few months I’ve received message from maestro Miguel (whom I did not met before, nor did I have any contact with in the meantime), in which he undoubtedly told me that I have to stop preaching about ayahaska.

Ayahaska experience happens or it does not, and it has to be that way…
Recreational drug users who want to participate in ayahaska ceremony are not advised to take it, because it can produce severe mental problems in the future, and few decent shamans in Amazonian jungle and Andean part of Peru, wouldn’t let people younger then 30 to take it.
The use of the medicine is strictly forbidden to people with epilepsy, the ones who have a heart or neural problems, and the ones who are under any kind of sedatives.
All other souls are free to make a decision about ceremony relying on intuition and feelings.

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  • Ivan

    gledao sam te na Happy TV i Balkan Info.
    Zivim u Hrvatskoj , htio bi napravit neku turu po J. Americi.
    Molim te, ako nije problem. Posalji mi mail na koji ti se mogu javiti.

    • alex

      hola amigo…
      imao sam problem sa telefon i ne mogu da udjen na mejl

      ali evo ti broj telefona na kome sam na whats upu pa mozemo sve usmeno da se dogovorimo


  • Nikola

    Kao i Obrad ja sam sasvim “slucajno” ili ne video emisiju “goli zivot” koju sam posle pogledao bez preterivanja jos jedno dvadesetak puta, i smorio celo drustvo i manje vise sve ljude koje znam da gledaju emisiju. Kao klinac sam gutao stripove o Mister No-u i do danas me nije napustila zelja za avanturama , u kojima trenutno i jesam manje vise. Trenutno zivim u Aziji, Kini da budem precizniji ali mi je juzna Amerika jos uvek ogromna zelja.
    Samo htedoh da postavim svoj komentar jer osetih uzasnu potrebu za tim ne znam ni sam zasto ali eto.
    U svakom slucaju cu te u narednom periodu kontaktirati pa bih voleo da se pridruzim na nekoj od tura.

    Veliki pozdrav iz Kine od Nikole-Gingera

  • Obrad Aleksic

    E, brate moj! Sasvim slucajno saznah za tebe, nabasao sam na emisiju Goli zivot kada si ti gostovao. OK, dosta dugo razmisljam o tome, znam da i u Holandiji to moze ali svakako je neizmerno iskustvo isprobati ajauasku u originalnom habitatu. Stoga, na neki nacin, nemam pojma koji, stekao sam poverenje u tebe, jbg, valjda smo isti tip barabe. Znaci, zainteresovan sam za tour od novembra meseca. Kazi sta i kako i koliko.

    Veliki pozdrav,
    Obrad Aleksic

    • aleksandar bilanovic

      Hola Obrade…
      e sorry tek sad sam video tvoj mejl. ja sam trenutno u kusku i radimo ayahaska ceremonije i bicu ovde jos petnestak dana, pa ako si u prolazu naleti, u novembru imam jednu veliku turu od 6 nedelja tako da tek zavrsavam krajem decembra!
      toliko znam za sad, pa ako se uklopis negde ti se slobodnbo javi!
      grande saludo amigo!